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Althea In Korea On Scout Jamboree

Althea in Korea on Scout Jamboree

The Scouts have a long tradition of supporting Rutherglen Rotary at events such as the June Long weekend, and Rotarian dinners. Rutherglen Rotary jumped at the chance to sponsor Althea, helping with the cost of her World Scout Jamboree trip to Korea. Althea thanked Rotarians on Wednesday night and spoke of her experiences. Well done Althea on taking up this incredible opportunity, and for your bravery in Public Speaking! Go You Good Thing!!


World Scout Jamboree

We departed Australia at 4:45 p.m. We arrived in South Korea at 11:00 a.m. We went through customs and departed for the hour-long trip to Hotel Sky Park Kingstown Dongdaemun. We had 3 days in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, to explore and experience what South Korea had to offer. Due to the recent flooding in South Korea, our move to the site was delayed for the day, so they could take extra precautions. We spent the day exploring Seoul and going to the local Aquarium.

On our arrival at the site the next day, we unpacked our equipment for the 10 days. This included sleeping equipment, cooking utensils, and stoves. After we set up we then headed to the opening ceremony. The opening Ceremony occurred in a giant arena with over 43,000 scouts from 158 Countries. The event was opened by President Yoon Suk Yeol, First Lady Kim Keon-hee, and Bear Grylls!

On the first two days on-site, there were more than 400 victims of heat exhaustion and other heat-related sicknesses that ended up in the on-site hospital. Activities included a high ropes course, food court, beach day, and Trading.  The site was evacuated on order from the South Korean government. Over 1,000 busses transported more than 40,000 adults and youth from the camp. For the rest of the camp, we spent our time either spent in the hotel with the Norwegian scouts or exploring the city of Incheon.

The event was officially closed by handing over the flag to Poland. Then 20 acts of Korean-Pop (K-pop). On the first day of the post-tour, we visited the third tunnel and the observation deck where there were cameras you could see North Korea through.

We spent the day in the theme park called Lotte World. I rode the same 4 rides about 3 times each. Our last two days in Korea were spent white water rafting and hiking along the Hantan River. On our last day there we explored Nami Island. We left Yonsei University at 11:30 to head to Incheon airport. My flight group arrived in Australia at about 12am the next morning.

– Althea Knowles, Year 9

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