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Agricultural Students’ Success With Borthwick Trophy

Agricultural students’ success with Borthwick Trophy

Rutherglen High School’s agricultural Cattle Handling team experience success yet again!

Despite COVID in 2020, the Royal Melbourne Show Carcase Competition went ahead, in Yea. It was very different to past years as it was a Carcase Competition, but with no Paraders Competition or any students or staff able to attend.

The Competition was streamed live so that it could be viewed by everyone.

In the Hoof Competition our results were as follows:

Export Class Heat 2 – Fifth Place Ribbon (Angus steer bred by J.K McNamara)

Export Class Heat 4 – Fourth Place Ribbon (Charolais cross steer bred by Laura Cook)

Export Class Heat 6 – Fourth Place Ribbon (Charolais cross steer bred by JC Charolais)

Export Class Heat 7 – Third Place Ribbon (Charolais steer bred by Rangan Charolais)


The Hook Competition was then held and the results released. 137 animals were entered and our results were very consistent. We achieved the following:

Export Class – 4th place  Angus steer bred by J.K McNamara

Export Class – 17th place Australian Shorthorn bred by Spencer Family Shorthorns

Export Class – 31st place Limousin steer bred by Le Martres Limousin Stud

Export Class – 32nd place Charolais steer bred by Rangan Charolais

Export Class – 37th place Charolais cross steer bred by J C Charolais (Jess Cook)

Export Class – 64th place Charolais cross steer bred by Laura Cook (Rangan Charolais)


The Borthwick Trophy is an event which has been held since 1953 and is a prestigious trophy. It is for a team of three pure breed steers and is a highly sought after trophy for individual breeds. This year Rutherglen High School represented the Australian Shorthorns with an animal donated by Spencer Family Shorthorns. And what’s more, we were part of a winning team with the Australian Shorthorns (328.09) beating the Angus (320.15) and the Herefords (317.06). Other breeds which were part of this completion included Murray Grey, Charolais, Red Angus, Shorthorn, Red Poll, Maine Anjou, Speckle Park and Limousin. It was a great effort by the breed and we would like to thank David Spencer and the Australian Shorthorn society for supporting the school.

 –     Farm-to-Table


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