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The Year 7 course is a partially integrated approach that combines team teaching for aspects of Humanities and English in “Communicate “and elements of Maths and Science in “Investigate”. The Year 7 cohort experiences the elective subjects over two years, that is in Year 7 and Year 8. Students will “taste” subjects such as: Metalwork, Woodwork, Food, Textiles, Visual Communication, Art, Music and French.

The program evolves depending on the cohort and teaching staff, but some aspects remain constant: the use of a flexible learning space for the Year 7 cohort, a team of teachers for Communicate and Investigate, a well-organized, educational Transition program from Grade 6 to Year 7, a School Orientation Camp (approximate cost of $200) as part of the Transition program, and a dedicated Year 7 locker area.

Rutherglen High School prides itself on its small classes and the relationship the teachers develop with the students. There is a philosophy at our School where attention to literacy and numeracy is a priority, where there is a focus on learning styles and individual needs, and a curriculum and approach that is continuously evaluated and reflected upon.


RHS Handbook – Year 7 – 2023

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