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(includes Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment)

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The purpose of this policy is to explain Rutherglen High School’s commitment to making sure every member of our school community, regardless of their background or personal attributes, is treated with respect and dignity. This policy should be read alongside the following Department of Education and Training policies:



Personal attribute: a personal characteristic that is protected by State or Commonwealth anti-discrimination legislation. These include: race, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious belief or activity, political belief or activity, age, intersex status, physical features, pregnancy, carer and parental status, breastfeeding, marital or relationship status, lawful sexual activity, employment activity, industrial activity, expunged homosexual conviction or personal association with anyone who is identified with reference to any protected attribute.

Direct discrimination: unfavourable treatment because of a person’s protected attribute.

Indirect discrimination: imposing an unreasonable requirement, condition or practice that disadvantages a person or group of people with a protected attribute.

Sexual harassment: unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature towards another person which could reasonably be expected to make that other person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated. It may be physical, verbal, visual or written.

Disability harassment: an action taken in relation to the person’s disability that is reasonably likely, in all the circumstances, to humiliate, offend, intimidate or distress the person.

Vilification: conduct that incites hatred towards or revulsion or severe ridicule of a person or group of people on the basis of their race or religion.

Victimisation: subjecting a person or threatening to subject them to detrimental treatment because they (or their associate) has made an allegation of discrimination or harassment on the basis of a protected attribute (or asserted their rights under relevant policies or law).

Inclusion and diversity

Rutherglen High School strives to provide a safe, inclusive and supportive school environment which values the human rights of all students and staff.

Rutherglen High School is committed to creating a school community where all members of our school community are welcomed, accepted and treated equitably and with respect regardless of their backgrounds or personal attributes such as race, language, religious beliefs, gender identity, disability or sexual orientation so that they can participate, achieve and thrive at school.

Rutherglen High School acknowledges and celebrates the diversity of backgrounds and experiences in our school community and we will not tolerate behaviours, language or practices that label, stereotype or demean others. At Rutherglen High School we value the human rights of every student and we take our obligations under anti-discrimination laws and the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities seriously.

Rutherglen High School will:

  • Actively nurture and promote a culture where everyone is treated with respect and dignity
  • ensure that students are not discriminated against (directly or indirectly) and where necessary, are reasonably accommodated to participate in their education and school activities (eg schools sports, concerts and activities) on the same basis as their peers
  • acknowledge and respond to the diverse needs, identities and strengths of all students
  • encourage empathy and fairness towards others
  • challenge stereotypes that promote prejudicial and biased behaviours and practices
  • contribute to positive learning, engagement and wellbeing outcomes for students
  • respond to complaints and allegations appropriately and ensure that students are not victimised.

Bullying, unlawful discrimination, harassment, vilification and other forms of inappropriate behaviour targeting individuals or groups because of their personal attributes will not be tolerated at Rutherglen High School. We will take appropriate measures, consistent with our Student Wellbeing and Engagement and Bullying Prevention policies to respond to students who demonstrate these behaviours at our school.

Students who may have experienced or witnessed this type of behaviour are encouraged to speak up and to let their teachers, parents or carers know about those behaviours to ensure that inappropriate behaviour can be addressed.

Reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities

Rutherglen High School also understands that it has a legal obligation to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate students with disabilities. A reasonable adjustment is a measure or action taken to assist students with disabilities to participate in their education on the same basis as their peers. Reasonable adjustments will be made for students with disabilities in consultation with the student, their parents or carers, their teachers and if appropriate, their treating practitioners. For more information about support available for students with disabilities, and communicating with us in relation to a student’s disability, please refer to our school’s Student Wellbeing and Engagement policy or contact the Assistant Principal for further information.

Related policies AND RESOURCES

For staff, please see the Department’s Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Policy, Sexual Harassment Policy and Workplace Bullying Policy which apply to all staff working at our school.

Other relevant Department policies and resources on the Department’s Policy and Advisory Library are:


Policy last reviewed 12th July 2023
Approved by Principal
Next scheduled review date  12th July 2027


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