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To explain the rules and expectations regarding valuables, laptops and mobile phones at Rutherglen High School.


Increasingly students bring valuable items to school. While the school and staff exercise great care, neither the school nor individual staff are responsible for these valuables. Students are provided with a locker and a combination lock and students should ensure lockers remain securely locked and they do not share their combination code with others.


There are specific school rules in this area:

Mobile Phones:

Mobile phones are not to be used during school hours. They can be very useful to enable contact and communication travelling to and from school but should be kept in student lockers provided or stored in the General Office and collected after school.

Laptops and similar devices:

Rutherglen High School has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. The school provides secure lockers for storage of such devices. However the student is responsible for looking after the device.

The school recommends the family having insurance for such a device being lost, stolen or damaged.

Other valuables including cash:

Apart from small amounts of money for use in the Canteen, the school recommends students do NOT bring cash or valuables such as jewellery to school. If for any reason valuables or cash are brought to school, we recommend that they be taken to the General Office for safe-keeping.

While the school will assist in trying to recover lost or stolen valuables, we are not responsible for such losses. Rutherglen High School publishes this information in the Student Handbook and School Diary.  Each student enrolling at Rutherglen High School receives a document outlining our policy on valuables. Parents/Guardians sign an acknowledgement that they have received and read this information.



Review period

Policy last reviewed 11th May 2023
Approved by Principal
Next scheduled review date 11th May  2027
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