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The Leadership School Experience

In April 2000 the Victorian Department of Education, Employment & Training opened The Alpine School at Dinner Plain. This school specialised “in leadership education for students in Year 9”. Forty six students from eight secondary schools (half from a Metropolitan region of Melbourne and half from the Hume Region of Country Victoria) have the opportunity to participate in this 9 week program. Modern leadership training skills are incorporated in all activities at The Alpine School, with lots of emphasis on evaluation and reflection of the activities that were planned and undertaken by the students.

The Alpine School has expanded to include Leadership Learning experiences at the Snowy River School, Marlo, the Otway Ranges. Rutherglen High School now has opportunities each year to participate at one of these leadership camps.

We are proud of our participation in this program since 2006.

A main focus is for students attending this Leadership Program is to develop a Community Learning Project which will be of a significant benefit for the local community. The Alpine School will provide the time and expertise to the students for them to complete their CLP. Upon returning to school, they will then implement the CLP in the community using all the leadership skills gained. Further information on the CLP and the aims and goals of The Alpine School can be obtained from

Our students have developed CLP’s including:

    • Stranger Danger, Healthy Young Adults, Drought Recovery,
    • Lake Moodemere Information Awareness and Mount Ochertyre Awareness


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