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Year 8 Medieval Feast!

Welcome one & all, to the RUTHERGLEN HIGH SCHOOL YEAR EIGHT MEDIEVAL FEAST!! This a celebration before we go into LENT, so remember to eat lots!!! (pause for much rejoicing…)

Don’t forget your medieval table manners:

No spreading butter with your thumb!

No spitting on the table cloth!

Don’t wipe your teeth on the table cloth!

And most of all, don’t forget to be polite!

A huge thank you to our peasants, the Hospitality students and Mrs Rasmussen!!.., for cooking our wonderful feast!

We would like to commence our feast today with some entertainment. Please put your hands together for The Medieval Dancers!! . . .  (pause to watch some excellent dancing…) . . . We would all agree that was a most unique performance by the Year 8 Medieval Dancers. Please put your hands together for that wonderful entertainment!  (pause for much clapping…)

We thank you all for staying plague-free, and being plague-safe here today – everyone wearing their face mask. Well done!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time to commence our feast! Our menu today is hot pork rolls & gravy, and for the vegetarians there is a salad. We also have fresh fruit, rum balls & chocolate chip biscuits. Refreshments are water & orange cordial, cleverly disguised as ale & wine!

So let’s enjoy this delicious & hearty feast together, and EAT LOTS..!!!

  • Written by MCs Lavinia Fisher & Alisha Vandermeer, who thank Ms Elphick, Mr McCarthy & Mrs Lappin for their excellent teaching & medieval skills.
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