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‘Farm-to-Table’ Cattle Team

RHS Cattle Program commenced this year with students being interviewed for the 17 positions on offer. After an extensive process, the team was finalised with the following students making up the cattle team:  Brooklyn O’Toole (Captain), Kayla Horne (Captain), Eden Kirk, Jessi Davis, Nikita Larsen, Angus Williams, Bree McNamara, Lachlan Dunne, Mia Pevitt, Emily Lewis, Evie Hawtin, Katy Pritchard, Laila Miles, Lucy Dunne, Abbi Morrow, Talisen Kirk & Zoe Whyte.

The cattle then came into the school to start the feeding and breaking in process. We were very appreciative of our breeders who supported us in 2021. These were:

  • Spencer Family Shorthorns
  • Alpine Angus
  • Le Martres Limousin Stud
  • Ganado Murray Grey Stud
  • Rangan Charolais
  • Laura Cook Rangan Charolais
  • Jess Cook JC Charolais
  • K McNamara

All was looking promising with the cattle making good weight gains and the leading process going very well. We were very pleased with the process and felt that we were a chance of doing well at the Royal Melbourne Show. But alas, COVID struck again!… The Show was initially postponed, and students were not at school at this stage. Despite this, the students continued to feed when they could and remained positive that we might be able to compete in a Carcase Competition at the very least. In mid-August, the news finally came that the Royal Melbourne Show had been cancelled and no competition was going to take place. Obviously the students were disappointed but took the news in as good a manner as possible. The cattle were sold at the Barnawartha Saleyards in September and they received a very good price, which was fantastic. We topped the sale for the weight of steer and received a write-up in the Weekly Times!

We would like to thank all the breeders who once again supported the School and we hope that they are in a position to donate to Rutherglen High School in 2022.

   Farm-to-Table team, 2021

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