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Resumption Term Three

Dear Parents and Carers;

The Premier Dan Andrews has declared Victoria to be a State of Disaster as of 6 p.m. tonight.

There will be direct impact on the way our school operates. My understanding is:

  • students attend school on Monday 3rd August and normal classes will operate
  • Tuesday 4th August will be a Pupil Free Day
  • on Wednesday 5th August, students will again be learning at home

Onsite supervision will again be offered but rules will be tightened. On-site learning will only be available for students who really need it.  That is children whose parents are permitted workers and vulnerable kids who can’t learn from home.  Further details will be available early next week.

I am encouraging students to attend on Monday in order to collect books, work and generally get ready for another period of remote learning.

From Monday 3rd August, secondary school students must wear a face covering while at school and while travelling to and from school.

Students and staff are required to provide their own masks or face coverings.

However, there are several exemptions for students aged 12 years or over and staff, including:

  • individuals who have a relevant medical condition including problems with breathing
  • individuals with a serious medical condition of the face
  • individuals with a disability or mental health condition which precludes them from wearing a face covering
  • individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing whereby the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication.

Teachers and education support staff are not required to wear face coverings while teaching, but those who wish to do so, can.  Teachers must wear face coverings in other areas of the school when not teaching (for example, in the staffroom, on yard duty and when providing first aid or taking temperatures), and when travelling to and from school.

Parents and carers are NOT to enter school grounds without an appointment.

Current arrangements regarding use of sanitisers, staggered access to the Cafeteria etc. will continue.

Cleaning is carried out every morning and evening and we also have additional cleaning and sanitising taking place at lunchtime for high-contact areas.

Any student who becomes sick during the school day will be isolated until they can be collected by parents or emergency contacts.


Phil Rogers


Sunday 2nd August 2020

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