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National Youth Science Forum

National Youth Science Forum

From the 5th-13th January we (Jacqui and Lavinia) were in Canberra having the time of our lives at the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF). Over the 9 days we met so many likeminded people from the 250 students that were lucky enough to attend, enthusiastic leaders called Staffies who have previously attended NYSF as students and innovative and exciting STEM partners/visits.

We were split in to ‘’constellation groups,” with this group we attended our stem visits. Lavinia was in ‘Baidam’ the medical/health group and Jacqui was in ‘Unurgunite’ the engineering and technology group. We also had floor groups within Burgman College on ANU campus where we lived while at NYSF.

Both of us went to STEM visits like CERN; A zoom sessions 100m meters underground at the Super Hadron Collider in Switzerland, ADF drone racing demonstration, Questacon, careers days; online and in person, including speed meets with industry partners and the Great Debate; about the ethics of space science.

A big thank you to the school and Rotary for sponsoring us! – Lavinia Fisher and Jacqui Pearson

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