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School Based Apprenticeships (Traineeships) are becoming an important part of the curriculum for Year 10, 11 and 12 students. Some examples are:

  • Students undertaking a School Based Apprenticeship in Hospitality at the Commercial Club, Albury
  • Students undertaking a School Based Apprenticeship in Automotive (Heavy Vehicle) at Twin City Trucks, Wodonga
  • Students undertaking a School Based Apprenticeship in Hospitality at Birallee Tavern
  • A student undertaking a Retail Traineeship in a Newsagency
  • Students undertaking Retail Traineeships at Subway’s two Wodonga locations

Current School based apprenticeships being advertised through school are:
Type of Work:

How does it operate?
The student works as a paid employee (trainee rates) for the host employer under an agreement between the student, the employer and Apprentices Training Employment Limited. The placement normally takes place during one school day and at other times as agreed. It could, however operate totally outside school hours.

Is the student paid?
A student on a school based traineeship is paid the national training wage that applies to traineeships.

How does it fit into the VCE?
Students typically earn two Level 1/2 Units towards their VCE in the 1st year and two Level 3/4 Units towards their VCE in the 2nd year.

How does it fit into VCAL?
A School based Apprenticeship counts toward the student completing the Work Related Skills and Industry Skill units of VCAL

What does the student gain?

  • Paid employment and training in the chosen area of work.
  • A nationally recognised TAFE level certificate.
  • As stated above, credit towards completing VCE or VCAL.
  • Credit towards an apprenticeship for those who go on to one.

How does it affect other classes?
The student’s timetable is organised to allow the work placement to take place. This may be selecting VCAL or studying one less VCE subject.

Who can do it?
Any Year 10, 11 or 12 student who has turned 15 years of age.  A listing of traineeships available as School Based Apprenticeships is in the Student handbook. For further information please speak to the Careers Coordinators.

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