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Charli In The Kimberley

Charli in The Kimberley


Day 1 Plane to broom. Took 4 hours. Got our luggage. When the cars arrived, we went to Cable Beach caravan park and set up a campsite. We had a swim at the swimming pool there. We ate dinner at Cable Beach. Then we went to “stairway to the moon” market. Drove back to the Cable Beach caravan park and went to sleep. 2/8/23

Day 2  Packed up campsite. We drove to Cable Beach for a talk then we went to the headland. Finally, to our destination, cattle station where there was a campground. It was five-minute drive to Jarlmadangah. 3/8/23

Days 3 Woke up and set off for school early. The school is small but very nice. We played games with the kids and had a water fight. We drove down to a beautiful cave. Then we drove back to the campsite. 4/8/23

Day 4  We got up and set off on a walk to a water spot to swim. Then we had to walk back to the campsite but I was running out of water! I was dehydrated and tired but I made it back. 5/8/23

Day 5  We packed up camp and drove to a campsite called “Paradise”. We headed into the community to get some food. Then we got in the car and drove to “Paradise”. Halfway to “Paradise” some of the committee members caught and killed an emu for dinner. I didn’t feel confident enough to eat an emu or watch it being cooked. 6/8/23

Day 6 We met Annie. She took us to a natural hot spring with lovely warm water. Then we drove to a dried lake and she told us a story. Then we drove to a cave with ancient rock paintings. Then to an old dam but we couldn’t swim there with crocodiles!! 7/8/23

Day 7  Packed up camp to head to Luma and Jarlmadangah. We arrived at Luma and went into the convenience store. I needed a face washer and nail clippers because I broke a nail. We enjoyed some ice cream. Then we kept on heading to Fitzroy Crossing (it has water) but we weren’t allowed to swim because there were crocodiles… Instead of swimming we worked on knowledge meant to the country. When we finished the knowledge meant for the country we packed up lunch. We headed to Jarlmadangah to stay at house number two, Megan’s old house when she worked at the school. The girls got to sleep inside and the boys had to sleep outside. The beds were nice. We were ‘smoked’. It’s the way and aboriginal people welcome people and banish bad energy. 8/8/23

Day 8 Woke up at six and got ready for school and waited for the 7 o’clock siren bell to go. At school we played sports. There were 12 kids at school. After school we went to Dog Rock with Pete and Paul. 9/8/23

Day 9 I got woken up by the siren bell! There were four kids at school. We played sports at school. The girls and I had to work on our Mind Map in the spare classroom and the boys helped out with the kids. Then we had recess and then we swapped duties. After lunch time we and the kids made rockets and launched them into the sky. Then went to eco camp to climb the rock to watch the sunset. 10/8/23

Day 10 Woken again by the siren bell. There were 10 kids at school today. We played sports in the morning, then we helped them with their schoolwork. Then after school we went to Dog Rock again with Pete and Megan. Paul stayed behind to cook dinner. 11/8/23

Day 11 We went over to the school and listened to Paul read us a story. Then we went and made Bush medicine with Tina. 12/8/23

Day 12  We packed up and left house number two to head to Mimbi cave. We stopped at Fitzroy Crossing to get groceries. Then we finally got to the campsite and set up. 13/8/23

Day 13 We were not sure what we were doing at first, but then we got the radio calls from Paul that we were going swimming! We were so happy and we were told to get Megan’s swimming gear but we left it behind at the campsite. It sure was a good swim. Then we headed back to the campsite to get changed and have lunch. Then to Mimbi cave.  14/8/23

Day 14  Packed up camp and headed back to the swimming hole. We had lunch there. We packed up and headed to Fitzroy Crossing. We went to KALACC and we had a bush turkey, kangaroo and damper. I just had the damper. Then we headed to Fitzroy Crossing log. Set up camp, and dinner.

Day 15  We packed up camp to set off to another campsite. Very sadly we had to say goodbye to Megan. 16/8/23

Day 16  I woke up without hearing the sound of Megan snoring. We packed up camp and head to Durby.

Overall, it was a great experience that I recommend to everyone. Thank you to our guides and to the Bogong Outdoor School for organising this fantastic camping experience.       –  Charlotte, Year 10

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