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Lavinia Experiences STEM @ Monash

Lavinia experiences STEM @ Monash

Lavinia Fisher returns to RHS from her experience at Monash University, and shares with us:

“I was lucky enough to take up the opportunity to go to John Monash Science School Regional Science Exchange. This was for three weeks- weeks 2,3,4 of this term. Ten regional kids from all over Victoria had the chance to go down to Melbourne and immerse themselves in Science, Maths and Technology as well as the Melbourne life.

While I was there for the three weeks I stayed with a host family. My homestay student, Madi was in Year 11. The family was lovely; even their dog!

The science school is located in the corner of the Monash campus in Clayton. The three-storey building was amazing. Labs all across one side on both storeys and open classes all around. There were classes of 50 students with two teachers, like a University lecture style. It is a Year 10-12 school.

From the second day there, we slipped right into their classes. Joining in with English, Issue studies, PE, then we had our electives as well as core Science and Maths. My electives were Diseases and disorders and terraforming mars – trying to find ways to live on Mars. Our second-last night was the Science exhibition night where we presented our findings from the electives. We did a rat dissection, tested essential oils as antimicrobials for our EEI project ( a project I am presenting at the Science Fair at the end of the year) and so much more. In core science they were learning about genetics so Monash Uni staff and students came across to do BioEYES with us; a program about breeding danio rerio, zebra fish. We looked at the different development stages under the microscope.

The first Thursday I was there they had their athletics day. We all dressed up in the house colours- green, purple, blue and silver/grey. I dressed in green to support Flannery and competed in javelin, shot put, long jump and triple jump; coming first in long jump with 3.42m and second in triple jump.

I had so much fun meeting new people and just being there in general. I made friends with the regional people and met a few ‘Melbourne ones’. I got to experience Melbourne through activities like going to the Collingwood v Richmond football game, walking around Monash Uni and living on the beach.

The advantages were they were more focused on science and math, which are two areas I like. Everything is advanced from what you ‘normally’ experience.

I definitely recommend this experience for future Year 10s. I absolutely loved it. The science, math and technology as well as the Melbourne experience.

I loved the advanced side of it and it showed me what is out there. Everyone wanted to be there and it was such a friendly environment.

I was able to extend and see what opportunities and challenges are out there. I had so much fun. I would go back anytime.”   –  Lavinia


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